Out in the Cold: Winter Drive

Out in the Cold: Winter Drive

Save lives this winter

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Give the gift of warmth

A recent study revealed that thirty million South Africans are living in poverty, with the majority under the age of 17, while another indicated the extent to which the country’s poor feel the winter’s bitter chill, especially those living on the streets and under the open sky. Muslim Hands appeals to you to continue to provide warmth to those who seek to survive this cold winter.

Too many people will face the bitter cold and rainy days with nothing to keep them warm, crippling their day to day life. Due to a lack of warm clothing and inability to focus in schools because of bone-chilling temperatures, children from low-income communities stay home from school, hindering their education. Mindful of the hunger and cold that thousands of people experience during South Africa’s freezing and wet weather, Muslim Hands has been running its annual Winter Drive since 2008.

Since its inception, more than 25,000 people have benefited from our Ubushushu campaign. Through your generosity, we hope to continue and expand this desperately needed service to those in need. Last year, your donations helped more than 500 people in communities in the Western Cape by providing them with essential winter packs and a warm meal. Keeping in line with our groundwork approach, our Night on the Streets programme allowed for the Muslim Hands team to visit various areas around the City of Cape Town to donate blankets and a warm, nutritious meal to those living on the streets.

Ways to Donate


Here are ways you can help

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