You donate, we deliver

Many people in developing countries have the skills and enthusiasm to generate an income for themselves, yet lack the opportunity to put it into practice. Our livelihoods projects provide them with this opportunity by catering to the specific needs of the communities that we work with. This can range from providing apprenticeships to young people, to the distribution of crops and equipment to farming families.

Muslim Hands needs your help to provide 200 widows in Afghanistan with a life changing opportunity to improve their lives through the following projects:

  • Training women in sewing and embroidery
  • Training women in fabric flower making
  • Providing women with a small Poultry farm; Up to 50 chickens for each widow.
  • Providing women with livestock; two female goats and one male goat for each widow.

Donors will receive a pesonalised feedback report showing how their money has made a difference. A commemorative plaque with their name on will also be installed.