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Monday, 14 November 2016

Awema's Failed Harvest

Muslim Hands

In Mkwanda village, southern Malawi, Awema Alone Ganizani is unable to feed her three young children. Severe drought has meant that all she got from her harvest this year was a 25kg bag of maize.

Now, the only meal her children receive is the daily school meal they are given at the Muslim Hands School of Excellence. Unfortunately, Awema is just one of many mothers facing this situation in Malawi, as parts of Africa are plunged into a severe food crisis. 


Like Awema, there are mothers all over Malawi who are struggling to feed their children. There are currently over 6 million people in the country at risk of starvation and this will only increase if the rains don't come soon. Donate to our Africa on the Edge appeal to provide mothers like Awema with emergency food and water relief.


Here are ways you can help

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