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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

From Our Home To Yours

Muslim Hands
From Our Home To Yours

Muslim Hands continues to work closely with various orphanages in and around Cape Town, helping and supporting each orphanage through various sustainable initiatives. This year Muslim Hands SA developed projects with a few orphanages based on a need’s assessment conducted to assess the requirements that will ensure the smooth running of the centers, with a core focus on the well-being of the orphan.


The safe house cares for children from backgrounds which are extremely challenging. It’s managed and run by Farieda Booysen who is well-known in the community for her relentless passion and care for these children. Currently a motherly figure to 11 children, aged between 4 – 10 years. The center is small and intimate and remains at a minimum to ensure she can attend to each child uniquely. Farieda Booysen has been running this safe house for many years and has since proven to do nothing less than justice to childcare and protection. 

Heideveld Safe House received a 3-month supply of non-perishable food items. Each child was also provided with a gift from Muslim Hands as well as an educational toy. This intimate safe house, located in a crime-ridden area, cares for children who are abandoned, neglected and abused.


Baitul Ansaar Child Care Centre was established in April 2008. Based in Beacon Valley, Mitchel’s Plain, about 32 Kilometres from the City of Cape Town. Mitchell’s Plain is one of the most impoverished areas in Cape Town and has the highest rate of violent crimes. This area, largely due to its history, has been devastated by high levels of unemployment, poverty and violence. The groups most affected by all of this are children and orphans.

Baitul Ansaar received educational toys and reading books for their ECD learning group – these children are deprived of mainstream/public schools which puts a barrier to their learning and development.


Paradise for Kids, a Non-Profit Organisation that started in January 2012, with a vision to create a platform for children to actively engage in social issues. With this vision in mind, our main aim is to develop the children holistically and our mission is to provide physical assistance to our community, especially those children living in poverty. Paradise for Kids believes that bringing enjoyment and laughter to the children is a unique way of reaching and understanding them. They currently have 25 children, which comes from different rural areas. The institute has 2 educators and regular volunteers throughout the year.

Paradise for Kids received a jungle gym providing play time to the children which adds a valuable element to the child’s development.

Muslim Hands ZA

Established in 1996, Muslim Hands South Africa is an aid agency and NGO aiming to help those affected by natural disasters, conflict and poverty. It is a branch of Muslim Hands UK established in 1993 in Nottingham.