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Monday, 16 October 2023

Following severe flooding in McGregor, Muslim Hands has stepped in to provide assistance to the affected community.

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In the wake of the recent heavy rainfall in the Western Cape, the town of McGregor found itself cut off from neighboring areas. The bridge that traditionally linked McGregor to Robertson was swept away by the overflow. In response, local residents resorted to using ladders to navigate the remnants of the bridge, enabling them to traverse from one side to the other.

In response, Muslim Hands addressed the community's urgent requirements by providing 150 food parcels, along with a 6-pack of long-life milk for each household.
As reported by local inhabitants, the village experienced a significant deluge, resulting in the overflow of both dams in the vicinity. This overflow subsequently spilled into nearby rivers and streams, causing floodwaters to inundate the community's surroundings and leading to the structural damage of the McGregor bridge, a crucial link connecting the village to Robertson.
Residents have also pointed out that the flooding event had a detrimental impact on the region's sewerage system. Domestic septic tanks overflowed due to the excess water, worsening the existing challenges and posing additional risks to public health and water quality in the area.
Every food parcel was designed to sustain a family of four for a full month, comprising essential items such as cooking oil, sugar, rice, macaroni, and various non-perishable goods.
Locals were overjoyed to receive their food parcels

Helping those in need is not only a moral imperative but also a way to build a more caring, interconnected, and just society. It's an essential part of being human and contributing to the greater good of our communities and the world as a whole.

Your kind generosity enabled Muslim Hands to provide relief to 150 households, ensuring they have enough food to sustain them for an entire month.

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