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Wednesday, 12 May 2021

Eid Gifting Guide: 10 Great Charity Gifts That Count as Sadaqah Jariyah

Ranya Shirbini

Are you stuck wondering what gift to buy for your family and friends this Eid? What better gift than a gift that keeps on giving rewards and keeps benefiting someone in need?

With our Great Charity Gifts scheme, you can donate to one of our many special projects on behalf of your loved one, for a gift that will give you and them the joy and satisfaction of knowing you both have given a helping hand and invested in your akhirah.

Here is our guide to help you choose the perfect Eid gift that counts as Sadaqa Jariyah, so you and your loved one will be continuously rewarded.

1. Dig-a-Well

The famous hadith of Prophet Muhammed (saw) states that “giving water is the best charity”, for good reason as giving clean water is one of the most life-changing gifts you can give someone.  A dig-a-well can serve a community of 200 people and save women and children the hassle of travelling miles each day to fetch water, which is usually dirty and causes disease.

2. Fruit Tree

Planting a fruit tree not only provides families with a secure and sustainable income but also brings benefit to the environment by cleaning the air and providing food and shade for animals.

The Prophet PBUH (saw) “If a Muslim plants a tree or sows seeds, and then a bird, or a person or an animal eats from it, it is regarded as a charitable gift (Sadaqah) for him.” (Bukhari)

3. Sewing Machine 

Helping widows start a business by gifting a sewing machine and material is considered Sadaqa Jariyah as it has a lasting benefit by ensuring the women can feed and clothe their children for years to come.


4. Wheelchair

Donating a wheelchair gives disabled and elderly people the great benefit of mobility and independence. Gifting a wheelchair to an individual or hospital will give you continuous rewards each time it’s used.

5. Livestock 

We have many options under this category including, four chickens, a goat, and a cow. All are great ways to help a needy family by giving them a source of continuous wealth and benefit. Not only do they provide regular animal by-products such as milk and eggs for the family, but they can also sell the excess products and make a  sustainable source of income for generations to come.

6. Bicycle 

For children that have little chance of getting to school, and parents making their way to work, bicycles are an effective and environmentally friendly way to get from place to place.

Your gift of a bicycle will continuously benefit people of all ages by helping them conveniently get around to get things done.

7. Cooking Utensils 

Cutlery, household utensils, pots, and pans are an essential part of daily living, especially when you have plenty of hungry tummies to fill. When disaster strikes, people lose everything and therefore lack the basic equipment needed to cook for their families.

By gifting cooking utensils, you will ensure these victims have everything they need to feed their families and maintain a basic level of hygienic living to prevent illness.

8. Rickshaw

In developing countries, a rickshaw is a reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly method of transport. These human-powered carts are cheap to maintain and run so make for an ideal business opportunity to help lift someone out of poverty.

Gifting a rickshaw will provide a continuous sustainable source of income to urban and rural workers to help them support their families.

9. Olive Trees 

Prophet Muhammad (saw) is reported to have said: “Take oil of olive and massage with it – it is a blessed tree.” (Darimi, 69:103)

Olive trees have tremendous benefits, they can provide food, oil, and medicine for hundreds of years and are the main source of livelihood for over a million Palestinians, helping to sustain generations to come.

Gifting an olive tree is a very low upfront cost but is an incredible Sadaqah Jariyah opportunity as it can make such a great impact for future generations.

10. Farming Tools and Seeds 

The most valued thing in the field of agriculture is the equipment used for planting, harvesting, threshing, and sowing crops. Farming tools ensure that land can be cultivated for its maximum benefit.

Your gift will empower families to feed themselves and sustain a livelihood for many years to come.

Muslim Hands ZA

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