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Thursday, 21 July 2022

The Impact of Your Qurbani

Aisha Adam

SubhanAllah, your Qurbanis made a global impact this year as over 28,000 beneficiaries enjoyed fresh meat from your sacrifices during the days of Eid. Here is a breakdown of the impact of your Qurbani:

1. Mauritania

Mauritania is a low-income country where majority of the population is suffering in poverty. For many families, meat is an unaffordable luxury but SubhanAllah, this year, your Qurbani provided fresh meat to 490 beneficiaries including widows, female-led households, orphans and the elderly.

2. India

SubhanAllah, your Qurbanis benefitted a staggering 17,800 people in India this year. Thanks to you, parents and children were able to celebrate Eid with a hearty meat-filled meal.

3. Pakistan

Our teams distributed meat packs to 700 beneficiaries in Pakistan. Beneficiaries included widows, orphans, the disabled and vulnerable.

4. Malawi

Over half of the population in Malawi is suffering from extreme poverty. Many families cannot afford food on a daily basis and meat is an unaffordable luxury. Our teams conducted your Qurbanis in Malawi and distributed fresh meat to 5,341 beneficiaries. SubhanAllah, because of you, families were able to enjoy the day of Eid with a nutritious meal.

Alhamdulillah, your Qurbanis were also conducted in various other countries around the world including: Bangladesh (750), Sri Lanka (700), Mali (600), Niger (1401), Gambia (420), Senegal (450) and South Africa (180). [the numbers in brackets indicate the total number of Qurbani beneficiaries in each location].

On behalf of the beneficiaries and the entire team at Muslim Hands, we thank you for your unwavering generosity as your Qurbanis helped us tackle hunger in poverty-stricken communities around the world. May Allah SWT accept from you and shower His rahmah and blessings upon you and your family, Ameen.

Muslim Hands ZA

Established in 1996, Muslim Hands SA NPC is an aid agency and NGO aiming to help those affected by natural disasters, conflict and poverty. It is a branch of Muslim Hands UK established in 1993 in Nottingham.