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Friday, 05 July 2024

Muharram: Embracing the Barakah of a Sacred Month

Muslim Hands

Muharram is the first month of the Hijri calendar and thus marks the beginning of the Islamic year. The Messenger (saw) used to refer to Muharram as ‘the Sacred Month of Allah’, and Allah SWT mentions in the Noble Quran:

Muharram is therefore, a very blessed month and as such, it is encouraged to perform good deeds, maintain pure intentions and refrain from committing any sins during this month.

Recommended Acts to Perform During Muharram

1. Make abundant Thikr:

The Prophet (saw) said, “Keep your tongue moist with the remembrance of Allah” [Ibn Majah]. It is advised to make abundant Thikr during Muharram as good deeds weigh heavier on the scale in this month.

2. Seek forgiveness:

The Prophet (saw) said, “O people, repent to Allah, for I repent to Allah one hundred times a day” [Muslim]. This is a very special month, and as such, we should make effort to repent to Allah SWT for all our minor and major sins.

3. Give regular Sadaqah:

Muharram is the start of the Islamic year and as such, this is the perfect opportunity for us to establish good habits and continue practicing them throughout the year.

Millions of people around the world are suffering from great hardship and extreme poverty. Many do not have the means to afford a decent meal for their families on a daily basis, and suffer from extreme hunger and malnutrition. At Muslim Hands, our teams are making efforts around the world to tackle hunger in poverty-stricken communities and families suffering in conflict-zones. SubhanAllah, The Open Kitchen in South Africa is feeding hundreds of vulnerable individuals weekly, and this is all as a result of your Sadaqah donations.

4. Give Sadaqah Jariyah:

Muharram is also a special opportunity to honor your loved ones and give Sadaqah Jariyah in their name. Many of us have lost our loved ones, and what better way of honoring them than giving ongoing charity in their name.

At Muslim Hands, we offer a wide range of Sadaqah Jariyah projects for you to donate towards. Our projects range from: building water wells in poor communities, gifting sewing machines and providing vocational training to widows in need, providing farming tools and seeds to small-scale farmers and much more.

Over the years, your Sadaqah Jariyah donations have transformed the lives of many, improving their quality of life and giving them hope for a better future.

5. Pay your Zakat:

Although there is no specific recommendation to pay your Zakat in Muharram, during the times of the Prophet (saw), Zakat was collected from the Ummah on the 1st of Muharram. As such, many Muslims around the world still choose to give their Zakat in Muharram or Ramadan as these are the blessed months where the reward of performing good deeds is more.

This Muharram, your Zakat can help educate orphans, provide emergency relief to families suffering in conflict-zones, eradicate hunger and much more. Most of our projects are Zakat eligible, and if you are unsure about which location to give your Zakat, you can select our ‘Where Most Needed’ option. This option ensures that your Zakat is allocated where the need is highest.

We pray Allah SWT accept all your Ibadah during Muharram, and grant you and your loved ones a prosperous year ahead, Ameen.


Muslim Hands ZA

Established in 1996, Muslim Hands SA NPC is an aid agency and NGO aiming to help those affected by natural disasters, conflict and poverty. It is a branch of Muslim Hands UK established in 1993 in Nottingham.