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Wednesday, 06 March 2019

Gardening in the Ghetto

Muslim Hands
Gardening in the Ghetto

Gardening in Ghetto is the brainchild of Miriam Khatib, an experienced gardener who launched the project successfully in Malawi. The project aims to educate and empower community members to live self-sustainably in their daily lives by growing fresh, natural produce using recycled materials.

Inspired by this success, Lillah Heldzera, the founder of Project Iqraa requested the support of Muslim Hands to sponsor workshops aimed at educating community members to construct vegetable gardens using recycled materials.

Project Iqraa’s aim is to enable learning through the various impoverished areas. Their workshops include theory and practical assessment and run over a two-day period. In addition to this, Lillah is creating online educational videos that will include in her weekly classes that she currently conducts at Khayelitsha Madrassa.

MHSA identified this project as an immediate solution to opening opportunities for self-sustainability and improved living conditions and we were present at the official completion of the Gardening in the Ghetto project.

The various participants of the programme were very enthusiastic about the scheme and were given the opportunity to continue with their gardening at the Khayelitsha premises. This will allow the students to continue their sales and nurture their produce.

Muslim Hands was delighted to be a part of this incredible, empowering project and our thanks go to our donors who contribute generously to our livelihoods projects.


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