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Friday, 20 March 2020

Al Isra Wal Miraj: The Story of the Miraculous Journey

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Around the year 621 AD our beloved Messenger (saw) took the miraculous journey of Al Isra wal Miraj on the night of the 27th of  Rajab. This journey holds great importance in Islamic history, and therefore we should take the opportunity to reflect on its lessons and significance. On the anniversary of this miraculous night, let’s look at the spiritual significance and reflect on the important lessons this night holds for us.

Background of Al Isra Wal-Miraj

Prior to the miraculous journey, The Messenger of Allah (saw) faced a great deal of hardship. The year of sorrow had just passed, during which he had lost both his beloved wife Khadija (ra) and his uncle and protector, Abu Talib. Further to this he was facing immense oppression from his tribe, Al Quraysh, who continuously humiliated and ridiculed him. In an effort to seek out allies he (saw) travelled to Ta’if where he was also rejected in the most demeaning way, as people sent their children out to stone him until he left.

After experiencing a great deal of grief, rejection and pain, Allah the Almighty gifted his Messenger (saw) with the most beautiful and comforting gift: Al Isra’ wal Mi’raj.

This teaches us a very important lesson that the Quran also mentions: “Verily with hardship [there will be] ease” (Surah 94).

Al Isra: journey from the Kaaba to the al-Aqsa

Jibril (as) woke the Messenger of Allah (saw) from his Hijr and commanded him to mount the Buraq (a  winged mule like, white beast), after which they began to fly towards Al-Quds (Jerusalem).

At several points in the journey, Jibril (as) would stop and command the Messenger (saw) to dismount and pray. The first stop where the Prophet (saw) was commanded to descend and pray was Madinah. Shortly after this incident, the journey of migration from Makkah to Madinah took place. The second stop was Mount Sinai, and this is the place where the Torah was revealed to Musa (as). The third stop was Bethlehem, where Isa (as) was born and the fourth stop was the grave of Musa (as).

Finally, the Prophet (saw) descended at Masjid al-Aqsa, where he was welcomed by  124,000 Prophets and led them in prayer.Subhanna Allah, What a sight this must have been!

Al-Miraj: Journey from Al-Aqsa through the Skies

Almighty Allah then ascended the Prophet (saw) from the Dome of the Rock to the skies and above. During this, the Messenger of Allah (saw) saw many miraculous sights and was greeted with immense excitement and delight by numerous Prophets (as) and angels, as his arrival was highly anticipated.

At the end of this journey, he (saw) was brought into the Divine Presence, the Master of the Universe, the Most Merciful. It is impossible to imagine the beauty and significance of this scene. SubhanAllah!

It was at this moment that Almighty Allah gave him (saw) the gift of Salah for his ummah. This gift was given to the Prophet (saw) for his ummah to provide a means for us to communicate with Him and bring us closer to him.

Finally, the Messenger of Allah (saw) was taken back to Makkah and returned to his home. On his way, he (saw) witnessed several caravans heading towards the city, which he later used as evidence to prove the miraculous journey to the Quraysh.. This miraculous journey took place in less than one night, Subhan Allah!

 This event is a great source of wonder and hope for us, as it shows us the power and might of the Almighty. It truly is an incredible story that shows us the magnificence of our CreatorOn the anniversary of this miraculous journey, we should engage in abundant salah and thikr to thank the Almighty for granting us with salah, the significant pillar of Islam.

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