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Wednesday, 12 April 2023

Palestine: A Nation In Need of Humanitarian Assistance

Refaai Hoosain
Palestine: A Nation In Need of Humanitarian Assistance

Palestine is a nation in need of humanitarian assistance, a nation facing atrocities that go against human rights, with millions being killed, displaced from their homes, and in need of urgent medical care.

Decades of violence and conflict have created countless casualties. Palestinian families don’t have access to basic human rights such as food, drinking water and medical treatment. 68% of Gazans suffer from food insecurity with the number only set to rise as half of Gaza’s children are dependent on humanitarian assistance.

Around four million Palestinians currently struggle with food insecurity, with some regions stating that 81% of Palestinian families living within the region now live beneath the poverty line.

Muslim Hands has been on the ground, aiding Palestinians since 2007, providing medical care, food, education and livelihood support to families across the country. Our orphan and family sponsorships, livelihood schemes, emergency relief and preservation of Masjid Al-Aqsa aim to support and uplift our brothers and sisters across a range of areas.

The need for humanitarian assistance in Palestine is significant, particularly in Gaza where the population has been subjected to a blockade for over a decade. The blockade has severely restricted the flow of goods, leading to an economic crisis, high levels of poverty, and limited access to basic services like healthcare and education.

In addition to the blockade, Palestinians in the West Bank and East Jerusalem face ongoing challenges related to the occupation, including restrictions on their movement, access to resources, and the expansion of Israeli settlements on Palestinian land.

According to the UN, over four million Palestinians need humanitarian assistance, including food, shelter, healthcare, and education. Muslim Hands work tirelessly to provide aid and support to Palestinians in need. However, funding for humanitarian assistance remains a significant challenge.

This Ramadan, donate and provide aid to our brothers and sisters in Palestine. When we come together as an Ummah, we can in need make a difference!

Muslim Hands ZA

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