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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Well Point Installations

Muslim Hands
Well Point Installations

Muslim Hands South Africa has committed itself to a program aimed at assisting various local communities in SA who are affected by poor water infrastructure and the scarcity of water in drought-affected areas. This project would assist with the water infrastructure that is in dire need of this basic human requirement, thus improving access to a basic water supply.

A detailed study was made with regards to the development and access to the basic human need in these areas. MHSA has identified different locations in Cape Town who are in need of this facility. Our Programmes Team contacted and engaged with the committee members to install and provide a well point which provides access to non-potable water. This water is aimed at being useful for the ablution areas and wudu purposes to everyone making use of the property.


Educators at their sponsored well point which was installed at Harvester Primary School, Westridge, Mitchells Plain.

Each of these locations was worthy of these installations in that they will be utilizing these well points for an array of reasons, suitable to the facility. The recipients were appreciative of the well points and have committed to utilizing these well points to the best of their ability to save water. MHSA aim is to uplift the standards of the basic infrastructure and more importantly, have a significant alleviation on the society’s monthly water bill.

Learners at Darul Islam Islamic High School at their sponsored well point situated in Greenhaven, Surrey Estate.

The Western Cape has experienced its worst drought in a decade and is reaching a high level of water scarcity affecting thousands of people. Due to the drought in this region, safe water sources supplied by the local municipality is becoming restricted and the water flow minimized. Cape Town’s water crisis has worsened with dam levels that dropped and the consumption increasing.

Another well point installed at Labon Foundation, Bonteheuwel

The communal areas that often make use of high-water volumes such as masajid, hospitals, orphanages, frail-care centres, etc need to have access to an alternative water supply. MHSA identified and initiated an important, uplifting and life-changing water project. 

Each location is identified through research and pre-onsite assessments are conducted by Muslim Hands SA to assess the need and suitability of the well point. Furthermore, the various centers would produce their water bill as a means of evidence to justify their need for the well point. 

Our focus is to install these well points at centers/masajid where the maximum population could benefit from the water made available. Some locations have made available tap outlets for community members to make use of to ensure ease of access to water. In conclusion to this, we successfully installed well points at the following 10 locations:

1. Darul Islam Islamic Boys High School, Greenhaven, Surrey Estate

2. Darul Quran Hifz School, Vanguard

3. Harvester Primary School, Westridge, Mitchells Plain

4. Labon Food Garden, Bonteheuwel

5. Langa Masjid, Langa

6. Love His Children Orphanage, Surrey Estate

7. UICT Boys Hostel, Surrey Estate

8. Ma'roof Islamic Centre, Bridgetown

9. Manenberg People's Centre, Manenberg

10. Vanguard Primary School, Vanguard


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