Rohingya Crisis

Rohingya Crisis

The forgotten people of Myanmar

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Ways to Donate


Here are ways you can help

Help Rohingyas in Crisis

Over the years, the Rohingya people have endured much suffering. Victims of calamity, oppression and persecution, an estimated one million Rohingya people have already fled Myanmar and the number is rising.

Muslim Hands has been in Myanmar since 2008 when we provided vital humanitarian aid in response to the devastating cyclone Nargis. Our teams were on the ground, providing emergency relief and shelter for families who had lost their homes. We’ve since continued to help the locals in need.

Now, as violence in Rakhine State has escalated into a full-scale humanitarian crisis, the Rohingya need your assistance more than ever. Displaced families are in search of refuge and security having been forced to flee their homes and thousands of people have no access to food.

Your generous support has allowed us to deliver vital aid on the ground. So, as the Rohingya face this massive crisis, were calling on you to remember the Rohingya when giving your charity. Please help us to continue providing this community with vital humanitarian relief.


Our Work Helping Rohingyan Refugees

With your assistance, Muslim Hands has:

Provided food and water aid for Rohingya families in Myanmar and Indonesia

Been sheltering the homeless with sustainable housing

Constructed wells to provide communities with safe, clean water

Distributed warm, practical clothing to displaced families

Prevented the spread of disease by installing latrines in camps

Supplied essential hygiene items to displaced families

Help the Rohingya People Now


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